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Spinning and  "Spin, Sculpt & Core"  Class  Information


    Anyone can Spin...Any fitness level, Any age, Anyone!

Spinning is my passion. I am a Johnny G. Certified Spinning Instructor and I have been teaching for over 16 years. Anyone can take a Spinning class, if you have never taken one this is the place to start. I will teach you how to Spin safely, set you up on the bike, and teach you how to use a Heart Rate monitor, we use the Polar H7 blue tooth monitor with the Polar app on your phone (you can order this monitor on Amazon).  My classes are approximatley 50 minutes. I don't yell and scream or jump up and down like a maniac. I teach a cycling inspired, controlled, methodical heart rate. (Zone 2-5) based class.
  Yes, I do require all of my students to wear a heart rate monitor.
Spinning is the best, low impact way to incinerate 400 calories or more per class. All of my Spinning bikes are equipped with SPD compatible pedals and toe cage pedals (for those that don't have Spinning shoes). For my Cycling friends, You can even opt to bring your own pedals, we can put your pedals on a Spin bike in a second.
Side effects of Spinning: Weight loss, tone legs, healthier heart and lungs, and feeling great! How about lose so much weight that you are able to get off your blood pressure and cholestrol meds...yup, that happens too!

If you want a Total Body Workout that "BUILDS MUSCLE & BURNS FAT" then my 90 Minute "Spin,  Sculpt & Core" Class is for you.
Weight lifting for your arms, Spinning , Push ups, and lots of core and a bit of stretching too.
 All in one great is that!

               Spinning  and " Spin, Sculpt & Core" Class Schedule 
             Monday                  Spinning                   5:15pm
               Wednesday                 Spinning                        6:30am 
     Wednesday    90 Minute "Spin, Sculpt & Core"   9:00-10:30am
                Friday                        Spinning                     9:30am 
                Saturday                   Spinning                     9:00am 
             Reservations can be made up to 4 weeks in advance.
             Text or call 305-338-4690 to reserve your bike.
    **Cancellation policy requires that you cancel within 12 hours to avoid being charged.
                               Class Packages
      First Timers...Come try a Class for $25 or buy a Package.
                         5  Class Package    $120      $24@ 
                           10 Class Package      $230       $23@
                           20 Class Package     $440       $22@
                   90 minute "Spin, Sculpt and Core" class $35

           *Classes purchases expire 6 months from purchase date
            All  class require 12 hour cancellation to avoid being charged.


Gift Cards Available

Complimentary Towel Service

Polar Heart monitors and Water are available for purchase
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