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Personal Training Information

Let's Build Some Muscles, Ladies!

As we age we lose muscle mass, with less muscle mass we burn less calories. So this leads to weight gain...YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR MUSCLE MASS!

Did you know that a pound of muscle burns about 75 calories an hour and a pound of fat burns about  5 calories an hour....which would you rather have? 

Muscle also weighs a bit more than fat but takes up less room on your you lose inches and look leaner.  You will  feel  stronger and more confident.

Weight training , combined with good nutrition (yes, abs are made in the kitchen)  and enough cardio, helps you build lean muscle mass, protect your bones and tone/sculpt your body. I only train women because I know and understand what it takes to change and tone a women's  body. 

I have been weight training for 20 years and it has reshaped my body but not made me bulky. Women are afraid of getting won't happen if you train with a knowledgeable trainer. My studio has a treadmill, ellipical, rowing machine, and all of the free weights and machines to help you get in shape.

It's never too late to start weight training. My oldest client is in her 80's, you should see what she does!

 We can start blasting that body fat away today. 
Let's build some beautiful, lean muscle. 
We can get started now!

I will help you anyway I can....because that is my PASSION.

Training Packages

10 - 1 hour sessions  $700 ($70 an hour)
20 - 1 hour sessions  $1300 ($65 an hour)

Train with a friend  $80 an hour ($40@)

90 minute Fitness Consultation
Includes a Total Body Workout, Fitness and Nutrition
recommendations, BMI and Body Fat analysis

*Complimentary water and towel provided
 with each session

Gift Cards available

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